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A Family-Owned Manufacturer

MJ Celco had its start in 1965 as a tool and die shop.  The founder, John Cielak, was able to realize his vision of having his own shop to serve customers.  Together with his brothers, Celco Tool and Engineering was born and grew successfully year after year.  In 1970 John and his partner Stanley Dee, established a stamping company known Celco Industries.  After 30 years of continuous growth, the company has evolved to become MJ Celco as the next generation of ownership began to lead the company into the 21st century.

MJ Celco is family owned and managed, and the family of craftsmen who founded our company nearly 50 years ago take pride in the legacy they've handed down to our master technicians and professional staff.

We're happy to play the role that you - our customer - ask us to play.

From design to delivery, and at each step in between, we have the expertise and integrity to recommend solutions that make sense for you and the people who rely on your product.

A Customer-Focused Manufacturer

We are a customer-focused manufacturer, singularly focused on responding to needs of our business partners.  This focus ensures that our service strategy is aligned with our business strategy and that our goals are aligned with the goals of our customers.


When you work with MJ Celco, you join a team that:

  • Works tirelessly to understand your expectations and deadlines, as well as those of your clients

  • Incorporates your priorities into its products and processes

  • Uses cross-functional communications to foster innovation, share knowledge, manage risk, minimize lead time and maximize quality

Meeting or exceeding all customer requirements and expectATions.

Justifying continued growth & profitability through world-class performance.

Continuous improvement of products, processes, and quality metrics.

Excellence in Production.

Locations that Customers expect.

Capabilities to support complex projects.

Overall best value!!!